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Here are some of the comments people made about The Organisation: a fairy tale:-

Very glad that I came across this book. Very well crafted by a knowledgeable author who turns conspiracy theories on their head. There is also a good bit of wry humour in places, and I was laughing out loud when The Organisation decides that the ruling elite should be made up of arts graduates who regard it as a badge of honour that they have little understanding of maths and science, and instead drop quotations in ancient languages into their conversation: how absurd!
Amazon Customer

Very clever and well worth reading. Should be required reading for every 14 to 16 year old. And any adult who wishes to educate themselves about how the world really works.
Amazon Customer

Very clever fairy tale. I came across this book by accident and I am so glad I did…
Amazon Customer

Excellent book, great story, can’t recommend it enough.
Pamela Nicholls: Amazon Customer

Trevor Croft’s book “The Organisation” is a MUST-READ for anyone wanting to know how our current banking system started and continues to operate. Written in the form of a fairy tale it brings to light to the average laymen how the SYSTEM is rigged and we are duped in thinking otherwise. You can’t UN-KNOW this once read! 5 STAR RECOMMENDATION.
Jan Jacklin (Canada)

I really enjoyed The Organisation. It is described as a fairy tale but it is a carefully disguised story about governments, political systems and the origins of the banking industry. Many readers will be able to relate to this story. I am already looking forward to the sequel.
Deborah Kamber (England)

Trevor Croft’s book, The Organization, couched in terms of a fairy tale, is a unique perspective that describes the development of a commodity-money centred economy into the sophisticated financial system we would recognize today. Thus the tale traces the development of banking systems, the novelty of paper money, money creation where every bank loan creates debt, and the underlying principles of fractional reserves.
The book, in a novel and easily digestible style, will appeal to any reader with a passing interest in (and healthy scepticism of) the powerful forces that shape and govern financial systems and how they inevitably impact upon the nature and organization of modern political systems.
Ian Richardson (England)

Trevor Croft’s The Organisation is an eye-popping, no-holds-barred account of how the monetary system was created, the elaborate means used to maintain it and the secrets necessary to protect it.
Under the auspices of a fairy tale and complemented by splendid illustrations, The Organisation stamps its mark of originality: a stark chronology that exposes the ruthless power of money wrought by brilliance, family and greed.
Steven Jacklin (Canada)